What do I want to achieve?

Yesterday the psychologist I saw asked me what I wanted to achieve by pressing charges and what I wanted the justice system to do. I hadn't really thought about this as such because I am sadly not expecting the justice system to do anything. It has been over two years and the only evidence is … Continue reading What do I want to achieve?

Free preview

The preface and the first three chapters are available as a free PDF download here over on my Patreon. You do not have to donate to download this but you may have to create a free account. There are advantages to signing up though. Please bear in mind that this isn't the final version but … Continue reading Free preview

I didn’t press charges

Today was going to be the day! I got drunk on Saturday, I convinced myself I could do this. Drunk Andrea has motivation and ambition and plans things for her life. Sober Andrea plods on day after day. Drunk Andrea applies for a driving license, sober Andrea drives around in her Mum's car. Drunk Andrea … Continue reading I didn’t press charges

Let me introduce myself and explain

Hello, my name is Andrea. I live in France and here it's more commonly a boy's name, I think it's more of an Italian thing, and they don't say it the way we do, it's Ann-dre-ah. I'm not complaining, it just takes a ton of getting used to. I'm 25, or as I prefer to … Continue reading Let me introduce myself and explain