One year later

One year ago today, the 03/08/2018 I started this blog in secret because my depression was rapidly worsening and my at the time partner/fiancé had just locked me out completely. I wasn't allowed to post on Facebook because I was putting my entire life online. A lot has changed since. So far as I can … Continue reading One year later


No title, my own work. Mixed media, oil pastels, dry pastels and water-colour pencils on sketch paper. Today was another hard day, I saw a psychologist for part of the police report. The hospital is a short walk from where I live so under dark grey clouds swollen with rain the boyfriend and I walked … Continue reading Psychology

How the homeowner reacted to the rape

Mrs Leroy didn't hear about the attack from me. She heard about it in the middle of March from Myra who I still think of as her pet. Myra didn't ask me if she could tell Mrs Leroy, didn't communicate it beforehand or anything. I just got a text from Myra one day after I … Continue reading How the homeowner reacted to the rape

Charges have been pressed

On the 7th of August, I went to bed at 2:30am, setting an alarm for 8am. My friend who had come with me on the Friday before was coming with me again to give my statement even though he would have to leave partway through for work. We left at 8:45am and walked there, disappointingly … Continue reading Charges have been pressed

I went to press charges

Today at 6pm I got a phone call from a close friend of mine who had recently been the victim of abusive homophobic comments and violent threats. He knew a bit about what had happened and how Tuesday I was convinced I was going to press charges then I wimped out because I wasn't brave … Continue reading I went to press charges

I didn’t press charges

Today was going to be the day! I got drunk on Saturday, I convinced myself I could do this. Drunk Andrea has motivation and ambition and plans things for her life. Sober Andrea plods on day after day. Drunk Andrea applies for a driving license, sober Andrea drives around in her Mum's car. Drunk Andrea … Continue reading I didn’t press charges

Pressing charges?

On Saturday I got drunk, I was confident I wanted to press charges and I said so to some very close friends. I got very motivated thinking I could finally do it. Go to the police station, tell them what happened. Get it over with. Now I'm sat here completely sober and thinking that I … Continue reading Pressing charges?