I passed through another phase of whoring it up when I came back to Scotland. I guess casual sex is a coping mechanism, the same way excessive alcohol consumption helps me. Some of the things my ex did count as rape under the French legal system. This messes with me. After we broke up I … Continue reading Support

One year later

One year ago today, the 03/08/2018 I started this blog in secret because my depression was rapidly worsening and my at the time partner/fiancé had just locked me out completely. I wasn't allowed to post on Facebook because I was putting my entire life online. A lot has changed since. So far as I can … Continue reading One year later

Patreon support

The support I have had since starting this blog is so much more than I ever expected, in about six weeks I have had over 1000 visitors. Over 150 followers. Over 200 likes. I was never expecting this. To celebrate how well this is going I have opened a Patreon page here. There are three … Continue reading Patreon support

I went to press charges

Today at 6pm I got a phone call from a close friend of mine who had recently been the victim of abusive homophobic comments and violent threats. He knew a bit about what had happened and how Tuesday I was convinced I was going to press charges then I wimped out because I wasn't brave … Continue reading I went to press charges

I didn’t press charges

Today was going to be the day! I got drunk on Saturday, I convinced myself I could do this. Drunk Andrea has motivation and ambition and plans things for her life. Sober Andrea plods on day after day. Drunk Andrea applies for a driving license, sober Andrea drives around in her Mum's car. Drunk Andrea … Continue reading I didn’t press charges

Pressing charges?

On Saturday I got drunk, I was confident I wanted to press charges and I said so to some very close friends. I got very motivated thinking I could finally do it. Go to the police station, tell them what happened. Get it over with. Now I'm sat here completely sober and thinking that I … Continue reading Pressing charges?