Reading order

So you can read the posts in a chronological order of events rather than publishing I have provided this list. Everything should read more or less smoothly from this list and it will be continuously updated as I publish more content. Sometimes a certain area is painful to write about and with my book, I am doing a lot of back and forth. I am also trying to think of what is important for other people who have survived rape to know about. I would like people to avoid my mistakes if they can.

Sometimes when I have sat down and written about a specific subject or event it doesn’t quite fit chronologically, I may talk about one person from start to finish, for example, I will link these as to when the start of the said post is most appropriate.


Who I am, why I am writing a blog and aiming to publish an autobiographical account of 2016-2018.

The Journey Begins

Let me introduce myself and explain


Information that I have deemed essential about my life before I was attacked. General background things.

How it began – an introduction to my life in France


The year I was attacked, and how I coped with the shock and trauma that followed.

The worst day of my life

First blame

How I coped with being raped

The tumble drier



How the homeowner reacted to the rape



One year after my attack I was starting to understand it wasn’t my fault.

7 Reasons of Victim Blaming – Part 1/2

7 Reasons of Victim Blaming – Part 2/2

How my life partner found out I was raped


The year I was finally brave enough to involve the police, and courageous enough to write my story.

Pressing charges?

I didn’t press charges

I went to press charges

Charges have been pressed


What do I want to achieve?

Patreon support

Kind comments

I am probably an alcoholic


I can hope, can’t I?

Free preview

Biblical things

Although religion isn’t the blame a lot of Western society basses its ideas on the Bible.

Deuteronomy 22

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