In my blog there are various characters who play a variety of roles, this page links to a quick biography of each person. Or it will do one day, it is in-progress like a lot of things here. For now, there are a few short words.

The original housemates

These are the people who I was living with in January when I first moved in after a while people came and went.


My rapist.


Came from somewhere in the north of France, was promised a threesome with me and Ahmed.


Lived on the same floor as me, had some problems with Ahmed trying to force himself on her.


Another Arab housemate, only she called bullshit on them using culture or race as an excuse. I saw her about six months later at her job in the Paris metro, she hugged me.


French, was a school teacher. Down to earth and a decent human.


A nasty bit of work and a close friend of Ahmed, sided with him using race as an excuse.


Tunisian in origin, worked in a psychiatric hospital. I don’t know anything much about him.

The Asian one

Nobody could pronounce her name but apparently, she worked in Galleries Lafayette in Paris. Was brutally mocked by the other housemates for her race and lack of French language.

The Eastern European

Spoke near-perfect English, must have been about 20. Was very friendly with Bert. Also promised a threesome by Ahmed.

The stinky one

I can’t remember his name. Nobody spoke to him because he had no personal hygiene. Used to play Nintendo DS in the kitchen early in the morning with the sound on full.

The homeowner

Mrs Leroy

Mrs Leroy used to live in the shared house before she decided the rent out all the rooms as individual bedrooms. There was still some evidence of her from before, such as Myra called her old bedroom Mrs Leroy’s room. Nobody dared call her by her first name. Her children’s names were also painted on the upstairs bedrooms and she used to bring her children to see the neighbours sometimes.

Other housemates

The Mexican

He didn’t speak any French so I was having to translate everything until another housemate who spoke Spanish came along.

The Tahitian

I got drunk and told him I’d do him. Myra’s idea, ask drunk Andrea who she’d sleep with.

The wedding planner

I remember her job but not her name. She seemed really nice but was very friendly with Myra so I avoided her.

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