Literal shit storm

In April or May of 2016 Myra had quite a few of parties and although she didn’t drink alcohol a lot of her guests did. The reason I knew this is because I kept getting put on bin duty and the glass recycling was always overflowing after her parties. Normally the guests weren’t too bad but sometimes they did make a lot of noise. They would, for the most part, hijack the downstairs area and although I probably could have gone downstairs with them I never wanted to.  I switched from showering the evening to showering the morning just to avoid them. I didn’t want to see Myra any more after all the nasty things she had said and done to me. Sometimes it was a Saturday evening and I would rather have gotten up early and gone to church with people who actually cared about me. It wasn’t always easy sleeping with the noise but I never missed church because of one of her parties.

To begin with I didn’t think these parties were too disruptive until one morning I went downstairs to have a shower to find that the blinds in the bathroom had been ripped out of their fittings. I knew it was during one of these parties because the morning before it had been fine but that evening there had been so much noise. This bathroom was shared with myself, Mike and Emily but I was almost certain that it wasn’t either of them. For a start they were away for the weekend, and they were mostly respectful of the surroundings. There was a small window that wasn’t made of frosted glass and you could see in from the street. I doubted that anyone would look in but for me it was too risky. This meant that I didn’t shower for three days until it was fixed, which meant that someone used sellotape to put it back into place. It could have called at any moment. I contacted Mrs Leroy with photos but she never replied. I just took a basin of water into my room and sponge bathed, not ideal but I didn’t know what else to do. The last thing I wanted was getting caught showering in a bathroom I wasn’t meant to use. There was a separate toilet so it wasn’t the end of the world. I assumed Myra would be banned from having parties because her guests broke that blind, but they carried on.

One Monday about two weeks after we were all called to a house reunion. Myra sent roung a group SMS saying what time we had to be there and to reply if we couldn’t. I said I might be late because I was working in Paris. I really didn’t want to go because I knew Ahmed would be there, but I knew couldn’t get out of it. From the SMS it sounded like Mrs Leroy would actually be there. As soon as I got home I went downstairs because I was late. Myra didn’t say but the reunion had been delayed by half an hour. The ambiance really wasn’t what I was expecting, it was calm. I asked what was going on, and apparenlty Mrs Leroy had phoned Myra to complain about the photos of the downstairs bathroom Mike had sent that morning. I had been at work all day so didn’t know what the problem was until I was shown said photos. Someone had shat around the toilet. Not in the toilet, somehow under the seat and behind the back of it.  The crap had been flicked everywhere. Mike was due to clean the bathroom and said he wasn’t doing it because of the state of it. I can’t blame him. I hadn’t seen because I used the separate one that morning and only used the shower in there. When Mrs Leroy phoned she started complaining the drains were getting blocked too often and as the only person with waist lenght hair I got full blame. Until I said that I’m really careful and I brush it fully without washing it so I don’t shed everywhere. I lived in an old Parisian building where the drains would block stupidly easy, I knew how to avoid it. As it was the bathroom shared between myself, Mike and Emily we were getting joint blame for the mess, until Mike said he had heard a party. Mrs Leroy then wanted to know whose party it was. Myra wasn’t allowed parties any more, because of these people. Since she couldn’t name who did it she wasn’t to invite any of them any more. I volunteered to clean it up. I work with kids, poop is in the job description. Otherwise we would all have to pay for a joint maid but I don’t think anyone would want to clear that. Myra was also told to tell Ahmed off for not coming. That house reunions were important. I was just thankful that he wasn’t there. The conversation then changed to the garden, if we were going to do it or if they’d hire a gardener which would be divided between us. We also had a new Mexican housemate who I had to translate for. That evening after Mrs Leroy hung up the whole thing changed. I felt accepted and safe around the other people, but I didn’t want to get close to Myra because of what she’d already done.

8 thoughts on “Literal shit storm

  1. chris ludke says:

    OMG! Was it a human that did it or do you think they caged up a dog in the bathroom during the party? You should get far away from there if it was a real psycho human. Don’t risk your life, you’ve faced enough danger.

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