Myra was the first person I met upon moving into the shared house. She came out to open the gate while I was waiting for Mrs Leroy to arrive. She invited me in and let me sit in the communal area. At first, Myra was incredibly friendly. She was between the ages of 25 and 30 and from Morocco but looked mixed race and even had hair that had Afro curls that she chemically straightened. She also had very bad teeth, I don’t know why they were so decayed though. She was born and had lived all her life in France but occasionally went back to Morocco on holiday. She knew about Islam but wasn’t a practising Muslim, my guess would be she was raised Muslim but didn’t stick it until adulthood, she didn’t eat Halal food but refused to eat pork products. She didn’t drink alchohol but occasionally smoked. Myra didn’t normally work but was signed up to look for work with the French employment system. When she did work it was only short term, she survived on government payments and this meant that she was commonly in the house. She typically slept late into the morning and stayed up late at night.

Myra was on some hardcore dating sites, so was Ahmed. These weren’t sites like Tinder for hookups, on these sites people used photos of their genitals for their profile pictures. At one point she had a sexual relationship with Ahmed, but she refused to date him because of how much weed he smoked. At least that was the reason that she gave. When I told her about what happened she seemed more shocked that she’d slept with him than about what he had done to me. Myra was single though out the time that I knew her.

She was incredibly manipulative and two-faced, all in all, she was a nasty bit of work. She was very friendly with Mrs. Leroy and held cash payments for her, as well as doing more mundane things such as the household chores list. Mrs. Leroy would rarely phone us directly, she’d usually send messages though Myra. They spent a lot of time on the phone together and I always considered Myra Mrs. Leroy’s pet.

Myra had problems by putting too much of her life on Periscope and ended up having to move out. People were showing up at the house trying to harass her. I remember coming home a few times and she was putting things on Periscope while sat one the front steps, you could see the house. She put me on there against my will and also on her Snapchat. It’s not hard to imagine someone following her home or finding the address through her personal information. I do still have her on Facebook and altough I don’t dalk to her I see what she’s up to and I have since seen photos of her in the house. I don’t think she realises that I am on her facebook. She was always very vain and spent a lot of time putting her life on Snapchat or whatever was fashionable at the time.

She was one of the first people to know about how Ahmed attacked me. She victim blamed me and slut shamed me before I learnt what those terms meant. She bullied me and made my life even worse.

I don’t know where she is anymore but from photos I have seen her share she is still in that house. It had a very distinctive ceiling.

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