Emily lived in the room on the left-hand side of the hallway on the same floor as I did, her room was next to the kitchen and mine was diagonally opposite. She was 19, French and an architecture student at a suburban university. She had light brown hair, down to her shoulders, fair skin and hazel eyes. She was thin and pretty and wanted me to teach her English. From what I understand her parents were somewhat rich, they paid for her car, petrol and rent. At one point they wanted her to leave that place because there were too many problems. She got on well with Mike but couldn’t stand the other men in the house. She was sometimes friendly with Myra but I think this was more so Myra could get a lift to the supermarket more than anything else.

Emily was almost Ahmed’s victim. She had an ex-boyfriend who used to live in the house. I never met him, but they met in the house and started dating and sleeping together. I don’t know anything about the breakup. Ahmed got jealous and saw this as his opportunity. One evening when I was out he followed her into her room or got in there when she left the door open. He tried to force her into performing oral sex on him, she refused and made a scene. This could be why he locked himself in my room when I was attacked. I don’t know what happened afterwards if Emily went to the police or not. All I know is that she was named la pute meaning “whore” in the group Facebook chat and then kicked out. She was made into a whore by Myra, Ahmed and the others. She was constantly called a bitch, or a slut in group conversations after and wasn’t invited to dinners downstairs.

I never got that close to Emily, Myra meddled with that when I came out about my rape to both of them. I don’t know where she is now, I haven’t seen her since I moved out and I don’t have any online connection to her.

4 thoughts on “Emily

  1. Lola says:

    I really hope Emily told the police. Your claim will surely go through if there’s two of you even though she narrowly escaped.

    I understand how you didn’t see it coming. Don’t worry. People never see it coming, so don’t blame yourself. Hindsight is 20/20.

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