Kind comments

Today I woke up to some lovely comments on my posts. I feel it would be nice to share them with you. They’re only screen captures because I’m on my phone.

I’m not going to delete them. Instead, I have approved and liked them. It’s so nice that I’m being trolled for coming out with the truth. All I have to say is that victim blaming and slut shaming are still alive and well.

16 thoughts on “Kind comments

  1. socialtruecolors says:

    Don’t pay attention to “fuck you”. Just send it a “fuck off”. Truthfully, I can’t believe it. I mean I thought I am living in a really backwards thinking kind of country. You just stay brave. And it’s good that you have a boyfriend who supports you. You both brave people, stay just.

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  2. Whippoorwill says:

    It’s been about 45 mins. since you posted this, and I’m still incoherent with anger. I wanted to say something supportive, but all I could do was go out into the back yard and scream.

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  3. bottledupthoughts says:

    This person is a faceless person, who clearly wouldn’t say these things to your face. This person is probably dealing with there own insecurity issues and find power speaking out this way as she/he hides behind a screen. I’m a firm believer in Karma, so somewhere down the road Karma will bite the arse of this pitiful human being. Keep writing and sharing.

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  4. justsaltwriter says:

    I am so sad and hurt that this happened to you but also glad that you are putting the truth out there so that others can see that there is often a second re-victimization after coming forward with an assault story.

    Those comments are outrageous and violating and WRONG. Hugs, love, and SUPPORT to you and continued blessings for healing.

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  5. Dragthepen says:

    Seriously, wow. i am sorry to say this but this has to come from a man. No woman in her right or wrong mind would say make these comments. Women who have been sexually assaulted understand the pain and shame that this horrible event has on a women emotionally. I pray for you and your partner that you can start the healing process together and that you can find strength in knowing that there are people in the world who have compassion.

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