7 Reasons of Victim Blaming – Part 1/2

Growing up with a decent knowledge of western Christianity and the UK media I think I have some ideas as to why we blame the victim. I was raised with solid morals, and the type of people who get raped are horribly portrayed as heathens or whores in the eyes of my social circles. I … Continue reading 7 Reasons of Victim Blaming – Part 1/2

Pressing charges?

On Saturday I got drunk, I was confident I wanted to press charges and I said so to some very close friends. I got very motivated thinking I could finally do it. Go to the police station, tell them what happened. Get it over with. Now I'm sat here completely sober and thinking that I … Continue reading Pressing charges?

Let me introduce myself and explain

Hello, my name is Andrea. I live in France and here it's more commonly a boy's name, I think it's more of an Italian thing, and they don't say it the way we do, it's Ann-dre-ah. I'm not complaining, it just takes a ton of getting used to. I'm 25, or as I prefer to … Continue reading Let me introduce myself and explain