7 Reasons of Victim Blaming – Part 1/2

Growing up with a decent knowledge of western Christianity and the UK media I think I have some ideas as to why we blame the victim. I was raised with solid morals, and the type of people who get raped are horribly portrayed as heathens or whores in the eyes of my social circles. I … Continue reading 7 Reasons of Victim Blaming – Part 1/2


Pressing charges?

On Saturday I got drunk, I was confident I wanted to press charges and I said so to some very close friends. I got very motivated thinking I could finally do it. Go to the police station, tell them what happened. Get it over with. Now I'm sat here completely sober and thinking that I … Continue reading Pressing charges?

Let me introduce myself and explain

Hello, my name is Andrea. I live in France and here it's more commonly a boy's name, I think it's more of an Italian thing, and they don't say it the way we do, it's Ann-dre-ah. I'm not complaining, it just takes a ton of getting used to. I'm 25, or as I prefer to … Continue reading Let me introduce myself and explain

The Journey Begins

I will be sharing snippets of my story as time goes on, before publishing my story as an ebook. Most likely available from Amazon or similar unless anyone has any other ideas. I will also be looking for proofreaders somewhere down the line.